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When sisters-in-law Angela and Candice Chaffee of Fort Wayne, Indiana, received the $2,000 from Oprah's Pay It Forward Challenge, they decide to help give a woman her smile back.

Sandra Byrd has periodontal disease, an infection of the gums and bone caused by plaque, which forced her to have all her teeth removed. She works two jobs to support herself and doesn't have money to replace her teeth with the dentures that she needs. When Angela and Candice hear Sandra's story, they step in and help!

They contact Dr. Todd Saalfrink—the dentist who removed Sandra's teeth for free—to ask for his help again. Sandra's new dentures will cost about $3,000. Angela and Candice contribute $1,000 and Dr. Saalfrank takes care of the remaining $2,000.

Dr. Saalfrank calls Sandra to schedule a "follow-up appointment" and surprises her with the good news. "We're going to give her a beautiful smile and just do the best job we can, and make her gain some self-confidence again, too," he says. Sandra is overwhelmed. "Thanks a lot. There's no way I could have done this on my own. Thanks a lot," Sandra says.

Candice and Angela use the remainder of their challenge money to help an Indiana couple fly to Thailand to adopt a 2-year-old orphan. They also buy a keyboard, stereo, karaoke machine and digital cameras for their local Boys & Girls Club.

Angela says doing the challenge was the greatest gift of all. "It's better than any material thing I could ever receive." Candice says, "I just wish I would have done something like this with my own money earlier."

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FROM: Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever—The Results!
Published on January 01, 2006


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