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Sisters Tara Barr and Scarlett Wilson from Hemingway, South Carolina, knew exactly who they wanted to honor with their money. "There is somebody who is very special to us, very dear to us, who we have great love for," Tara says.

When they were children, Tara and Scarlett's housekeeper, Bertha Barcus, played a huge part in their lives. While their parents were at work, Bertha took care of them and taught the girls valuable life lessons. "I don't think it's realistic to ask people to be color blind, but I think it is possible for all of us to see through color. And that's what she did," Scarlett says. "It's not something that she preached, it's how she treated us and how she nurtured us."

To honor her memory, Tara and Scarlett decide to donate a stained glass window to the church Bertha and her husband attended before their deaths.

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"When you see that beautiful window and you see the light shining through its beautiful colors, I hope that you will feel Bertha's presence," Scarlett says. "And I hope that you know that she can live on through all of us."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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