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After a week of searching, Tracie arrived at the nursing home to surprise Shell! With flowers in hand, the pair were finally reunited. "I'm just speechless right now," Shell says.

As a thank you for being such and inspiration, Tracie took Shell, and her daughter Alexis, for a special spa and shopping day! Tracie arrived at their home with tiaras and princess wands in hand, and whisked the girls off to Sheer Illusions Salon. Both Shell and Alexis were treated like queens! While mom was getting a mani and pedi, Alexis got her hair done. "This woman who's doing my feet, she's got to be a brave soul," Shell says.

Watch Watch as Shell and Alexis get the royal treatment.

As a special surprise, the staff at Sheer Illusions donated all the spa treatments! Next up, Tracie treated the girls to lunch and then they went on a $500 shopping spree for new clothes.

"This whole experience has kind of restored my faith in people," Shell says. "There are still good people out there. And I'm glad somebody came along to remind me of that."
FROM: Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever—The Results!
Published on January 01, 2006