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After that cold winter day, Tracie never saw "Pearl" and her children again—but, when she received her Pay It Forward Challenge, she couldn't think of anyone more deserving. So, Tracie began the search of her life!

All Tracie could remember from her conversation with "Pearl" was that she worked in a nursing home. She could also remember what she looked like, and that her daughter was in first grade at her son's school—but she couldn't remember her name. So, the first thing Tracie did was call the nursing home where she thought she might work. Unfortunately, no one by that name worked there.

After days of searching and hitting nothing but dead ends, she thought all hope was lost. Her friends even suggested she find another family to help, but Tracie refused to give up.

After days of stress and frustration, Tracie finally got a break. Through the school, Tracie found out that "Pearl's" daughter's name was Alexis, and that her mother's real name was Shalondra. After a few more phone calls, she found out that Shalondra—known as Shell—did indeed work at the local nursing home!
FROM: Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever—The Results!
Published on January 01, 2006


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