Dr. Robin Smith
Are you ready for the life that you are here to create? Not the life (or the career or the marriage) that someone else wants for you, but the life that you want? Are you ready to decide that something from the past that you've let define you is simply over—that you're ready to begin again?

"Maybe today is your day when you decide that you're ready to do the work, to make your life all that you can be," Dr. Robin says. "Hard work pays off. Discipline pays off. Knowing who you really are is the beginning step of making your life into something that you really want to live."

If you are in a rut or feel helpless, Dr. Robin says to make the decision to make changes in your life. "Figure out what is it that you can do today so that you can transform what felt hopeless into something powerful, into a life that really is rewarding and fulfilling," Dr. Robin says.

Maybe your family did something one way. Dr. Robin says today is your day to do it differently, to break that habit. "How ready are you, really?" Dr. Robin asks. "I believe that you're ready today to take charge, to turn your life around and to really make it happen today," Dr. Robin says.
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