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Artful Holiday Cards
Sending holiday cards doesn't have to be a chore…you can make it downright fun by having a card-making party with the family. To design your own Christmas cards this year, purchase a set of base cards and envelopes, and then invite your family to decorate them. You can glue your family portrait on a red-and-white striped background or tie a red ribbon through the card and stamp the word "cheers" on it.

For a more elaborate card, cut a Christmas tree shape out of green paper and have the kids decorate it with buttons, glitter and beads. Each card will be an original, a one of a kind—a masterpiece (just like its creator). The time spent together will also be a treasure.

Make a card to send online. Use a software program to create delightful digital holiday cards with your photos and then e-mail them to the people you love. Snail mail is great, but e-mail is fast. And with the new programs, it's really fun and easy to create memorable expressions of joy and love.


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