Michael Losier
Are you trying hard to make the law of attraction work in your life but aren't getting the results you want? Perhaps you've created a vision or dream board, are keeping a journal to write down your desires or are telling friends about things you want to attract—yet you're still waiting for something to happen. Michael says it could be that you're not allowing the law of attraction to work because of two common reasons:

  • You have doubt in receiving the law of attraction. "Doubt is a negative vibration, and the negative vibration you have is stopping and canceling out the positive vibration of your desire," he says.
  • You have a limiting belief. Michael says if you talk about your desires, but have doubt you'll receive them because of some limiting factor like your age or income, you're keeping yourself from getting what you want. "Notice and catch yourself using the word 'because'—and it's usually [whatever you say] after the word 'because' that is stopping you from attracting [what you want]," he says. "Whenever you catch yourself using word 'because,' you've uncovered your limiting belief."

Let go of negative thoughts, doubt and limiting beliefs, and you will naturally allow the law of attraction to work in your life, Michael says. "Everything you're wanting is just waiting to come to you—you just need to open the door to let it in," he says. "So what is the door opener? The door opener is allowing, and allowing, of course, is the absence of negative vibration."