Dr. Robin Smith
Did you ever try to attend an event, but were denied entry because you didn't have the right credentials? Or maybe you wanted to attend a seminar, but didn't bother trying to get an access pass because you didn't think you had the right qualifications. Perhaps you wanted to apply for a job or go back to school, but someone told you that you were too old or not smart enough.

Dr. Robin says sometimes, people who have an education, money, or opportunity and privilege will make you think that there is something special about them that gives them an all-access pass to certain events or opportunities that you do not have. That is a lie, Dr. Robin says.

"The lie is that there is something special about who they are … and that you don't have that gift. That you didn't come from the right side of the tracks, that you're not the right race, that you're not the right gender, that somewhere, they have all access to things because there is something unique and special about them. That is a lie."

Dr. Robin says the only thing that's different about those people is that they've learned to use their all-access pass, and you haven't. Perhaps at some time in your life, someone told you a huge untruth about who and what you are and questioned your entitlement. Dr. Robin says no one owns your all-access pass to living your own best life—except you! Take advantage of that and control your own rich life and destiny.