8 Times Only You Will Know What the Heck You're Doing
Sometimes, irrational and even nonsensical actions add a dose of delight. Here's how to—poof—create some for the people you love, and for yourself.
Moonlit night
When You Drag Them into the Cold and Dark
This is you, at 3 a.m., shaking awake your husband, pulling him out of bed in the silent house on Friday night. He works 60 hours a week. He's exhausted. He can't find his sneakers, and since the kids are asleep, he feels comfortable expressing himself with lots of muttered, grumpy, very adult words. Imagine his delight, however, when he sees the whole bleak deserted beach near your house covered in bioluminescent jellyfish eggs.

Dragging somebody into the cold, dark night—to go skinny dipping, to watch a comet in a telescope, to march through a city's streets in December carrying a boom box playing wondrous Christmas music (also known as "UnSilent Night") with complete strangers—is one of the most awe-inspiring gifts you can give them. The receivers, of course, will understandably fight you every step of the way. Until they realize what in the heck you are doing.