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When You Leave the Job...with No Other One in Sight
Uh...surely you've seen the statistics. Not to mention the pie graphs, flow charts, forecasts and color-coded predictions, all of which demonstrate in every number-based style conceivable what a horrible, rotten, no-good economy we are in. So how did this happen? That you are packing up your piglet-of-the-month calendar and your '90s NPR mug, because you quit your income-producing job without having another? In a case like this one you might as well drop your phone in the fountain outside your office complex, because everybody from your best friend to your great-aunt Georgina is going to be calling you to tell you what a dumb, totally self-defeating mistake you just made. When they do, remain quiet, nod and hang up. Your boss was an evil drone; you could not do payroll one more Friday of your life; it was either start your knitting-pattern business right now or surrender to a soul-blistering depression—the reason is yours and yours alone. There's no need to explain or justify to others, because this chapter of your life is done. Now it's time to temp or mow lawns or find a higher-paying job or move to a cheaper place or do whatever it is you need to do to start the life you want to live.


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