7 Women Transforming the World
Ed and Deb Shapiro
7 Women Transforming the World
"You must be the change you want to see in the world," Mahatma Gandhi eloquently said. In other words, change has to start within you; you cannot expect the world to change if you do not. Instead of focusing on the problems, you can start to live the solutions.

If you want more love in your life you must become more loving; if you genuinely want to end terrorism and bring real and peaceful change to the world, then you have to change from being concerned with your own needs to reaching out and helping others. As Ed often says, when you make peace with yourself, there is one less person suffering.

For kindness and compassion to become a natural expression of who you are, you may need help, guidance and support. Meditation in its many forms is the one method we have found that does all of this. When you get to know yourself more deeply, you discover that you are more than you thought you were, that you have the resources, strength and wisdom to not only make changes but to become the change you long for.

In honor of our book Be the Change,, we felt we should highlight quotations on meditation from seven great women who are movers and shakers deeply influenced by the invaluable benefits of meditation. There are many other brilliant and wonderful women contributing to change in this way featured in the book as well.