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Seane Corn
Seane Corn, Innovative Yoga Teacher, National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS and co-creator of the Off the Mat and Into the World campaigns:

"First yoga changed my body; then meditation changed my attitude. Then I realized that whether my practice was 15 minutes or four hours was irrelevant because it was not about how yoga can change me, but how I, through this practice, can begin to change the world. What I really felt was: 'How dare I not step into the world and hold that space?'

"If what is happening on a global level is representative of what is happening on the individual level, and if I want to transform what is happening globally, then I have to look within myself and see where I am separating myself from other human beings and from the earth. Where am I living in blame, in hate, in terrorism, in war, in any negative capacity toward another being? For if I am not willing to clean up the fear or the disconnect that is within myself, then I am responsible for what is happening on a planetary level."



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