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Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson an uplifting and inspirational speaker and author of numerous New York Times best-sellers, including The Age of Miracles:

"Einstein said that we cannot solve the problems of the world from the level of thinking that you were at when we created them. A different level of thinking means a different level of thinking. It does not mean just a different kind of thinking. It does not mean a different emphasis in our thinking. It does not mean a more loving kind of thinking. It means what he said: a different level of thinking, and to me that is what meditation brings.

"Meditation can change the world because meditation changes us. That is the point. It returns us to our right mind, and until there is this evolution in consciousness, we will stay locked in a fear-based perspective in which we continue to see ourselves as separate from each other, and in which we continue to think that we can do something to someone else and not reap the result ourselves."



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