7 Men Transforming the World
Ed and Deb Shapiro
What could an astronaut who walked on the moon, a brilliant doctor who has proven that yoga and diet helps heart disease and an actor who is committed to helping the environment possibly have in common? They all care about people and want a better world and are doing what they can to make it happen. And they have all found that one of the best ways to work with our limitations is through meditation.

What is it that stops us from being the best we can be, from giving unreservedly, from caring for others more than ourselves? Self-centeredness and selfishness, the hallmarks of the ego, affect not only our own lives and relationships but also influence the way we behave in the world. There is no limit to the damage a strong ego can do, from the arrogant conviction that its own opinions are the only right ones, to wielding and abusing power at the expense of other people's lives or liberties.

Through meditation, from being self-centered we become other-centered, concerned about the welfare of all rather than being focused on just ourselves and our families. We become more acutely aware of how we treat each other and our world and seek to become a positive presence rather than a negative one. Meditation can do more for the world than all the money and good works, as we are no longer contributing suffering to the world but offering our peace. This gift is priceless.

Here are seven men who are making a difference to our world.