5 Rules for Timeless Living
Deepak Chopra
You Can Be Timeless
Yet even the most orderly life hasn't mastered time completely. If your body can run on dozens of clocks at the same time, each kept in perfect sync, that implies that there is a place to stand that is unaffected by time, just as someone sitting on the riverbank can watch the constantly changing motion of a river. How can we get to that timeless place? If it's possible, as the world's wisdom traditions say it is, then time will disappear. Once that happens, the whole issue of youth and age changes, because if you are in a state of permanent wonder, love and joy, nothing can threaten you, and that includes the ravages of time.

To open up the path to the timeless, here are five rules that can alter your life, because they create a shift in your whole relationship to time.