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It's halfway through Oprah's final season and producer Leslie is tackling a big idea: happiness. "I'm producing the show called 'Are You Happy?'" she says. "Basically, it's a quiz. The audience can vote along with Oprah, and they can see how their happiness level is measured in their overall life."

During her preshow meeting with Leslie, Oprah is intrigued by the subject matter. "[Happiness] is a word that often used and, in our country, the United States, accepted as your right. People think, 'I have the right to happiness' and not understanding it's something you have to work at," Oprah says. "So I thought, 'Very interesting show idea and theme to get people to think about happiness differently.'"

In addition to booking everyday people to share their stories, Leslie has also convinced actress Goldie Hawn to agree to be Oprah's co-host for the day. "Goldie Hawn's a perfect person to co-host the show with me because she just genuinely is interested in what makes people happy," Oprah says. "There's a certain joy—which is, in my opinion—deeper than happiness that exudes from Goldie all the time."

Leslie leaves the meeting feeling encouraged. "Oprah seemed to really love the material. We were in there for an hour and a half talking about the subject," she says. "I was really happy about that, and I walked away feeling really, really good."



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