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Wow, there are so many wonderful things that I learned from my mother, but if I had to pick one lesson it would be that no matter how bad things might seem, always keep a positive attitude. Feeling sorry for yourself doesn't get you anywhere, but a positive attitude will take you wherever you want to go. "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade," she used to say. I was able to put this lesson to good use when my mother passed away right before my senior year in college. It was very unexpected, and my mother was my best friend. After she died, I knew I had two choices—I could sit around feeling sorry for myself or I could go on living the life my mom had hoped and wished for me all along. I chose to live the best life that I could, and I know that my mom is smiling down on me with a great deal of pride for all that I have done since her passing!

Julie Trindel; Summerfield, North Carolina


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