Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
It's a familiar scenario to many women—she's thinking marriage, but he can't talk about the subject without getting dizzy. According to Rabbi Shmuley, it's no wonder today's men won't commit—why should they, when marriage is no longer a prerequisite for sex, cohabitation or children?

Rabbi Shmuley offers five reasons men are afraid to commit and a radical three-step plan of action.

Why Won't He Commit?
  1. Fear that something better will come along
  2. Fear of feeling trapped
  3. Fear of intimacy
  4. Fear of boredom
  5. Fear of divorce
What Can Women Do?
  1. Stop having sex with him.
  2. Don't move in with him.
  3. Don't give yourself to a man until he has given himself to you.
Today's Shmuleyism
"Love and fear are antithetical opposites, such that the more of the former equals the less of the latter. The more you love, the less afraid you become. That's why the posture of love is the hug, the extension of self, and the posture of fear is bringing in your arms to protect your torso. Overcoming the fear of commitment comes through added commitment of love."
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