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Oprah says she was inspired to ask this question after seeing Why Did I Get Married?, a movie written and directed by her friend Tyler Perry.

You won't see Tyler dressed in knee-highs and bad wigs in this film—he left his famous alter-ego, Madea, at home during the shoot. Instead, Tyler got an all-star cast together to take an honest—and hilarious—look at the realities of marriage.

The story, which was adapted from one of Tyler's stage plays, is told through the eyes of four couples who get together every year for a weeklong vacation. When an unexpected guest arrives, the mood takes a serious turn. One by one, the couples' marriages begin to unravel.

Tyler stars as Terry, a husband who's battling his wife about the demands of her high-powered job. Singing sensation Jill Scott plays Sheila, a woman whose husband is unhappy with her weight. Superstar Janet Jackson also stars in the film as Patricia, a psychologist whose marriage seems perfect...but it isn't.
FROM: Why Did I Get Married?
Published on October 03, 2007


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