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When Bernice was in her 50s, she says she found herself divorced, alone and hoping for a husband.

"I really wanted to be married. I wanted the companionship," she says. "I wanted the fulfillment. I wanted another warm body in the bed with me at night."

Then, she met Steve. The couple married five years ago, and they say the second time's a charm! "This is the easiest marriage," Bernice says. "Marriage is supposed to be easy, and with Steve, everything is so easy."

After years of being single, Steve says he had become selfish, but Bernice has helped him change his ways. "I was pretty self-centered," Steve says. "I'm still learning that I have to begin to die to myself. Die to what's important to me and esteem to what's important to her, above myself."

Bernice also had to get past personal issues before saying "I do" for the second time. "The pitfalls for me coming into a marriage were thinking I would have to change myself, but Steve accepts who I am," she says. "By the time I got married this time around, I knew who I was and I like who I am, so I wasn't waiting for someone to change me."
FROM: Why Did I Get Married?
Published on October 03, 2007