Expert Advice
Ceri Marsh, etiquette columnist: It usually happens on a Saturday night, right? A Sunday night call is perfect. You need some time to decompress. Wednesday night, he's thinking about the weekend, keeping his options open. Friday night...that's a booty call. And maybe that's okay. You need to be clear with yourself first before you can expect him to be.

Harriette Cole, syndicated columnist: I think he should call the next day and say, "I enjoyed spending time with you"—not spending the night—"Do you want to go for a walk or have brunch?" Something easy and romantic. But I think you should wait [to have sex] until you have some kind of connection so he will call you.

Kim Izzo, etiquette columnist: With a one night stand, you can't have expectations.

E. Jean Carroll, Elle magazine columnist: If there's one point I can make it's this: Never expect a man to do anything. Then you get that desperate thing and that is lethal to a relationship. Even if you know he will, you cannot want him to call.