Rabbi Shmuley
Many women wonder what men are really looking for in a romantic relationship. Rabbi Shmuley says the idea that men are animal-like and ruled by their hormones and only want to sow their wild oats is not true. Instead, he says men are far more sensitive than most women realize. Rabbi Shmuley shares things thay may surprise women about men: 

  • Men are intimacy seekers and wish to share their deepest selves with a woman.
  • Men enjoy independent-minded women. Women who are too compliant begin to bore them.
  • Confident women are a big turn-on to a man. The ones whom he can manipulate are the ones he looks to use but not be in a relationship with.
  • Men respect women who are not materialistic and who like them for who they are rather than what they do.
  • Most men are insecure and spend their lives trying to prove themselves.
  • Men like women who make them feel good about themselves.
  • Men don't find it easy to share emotions. They need to be cajoled into talking about their feelings, and this usually happens when they feel like they are not being judged.
Today's Shmuleyism
"Women love confident men, but most men are not. It takes an understanding on the part of women of just how insecure men can be to reach out to men and rescue them from their state of solitude."