Dating, Love and Romance

Some people start going out with other people almost immediately after a breakup, while other people take years to begin dating.

If you want to date, you have to take risks and go where you might meet people.

Ninety percent of Americans marry for the first time by the age of 30.

If a man is not sexually adventurous while you're dating, he's not going to be after you're married.

Getting married does not increase the frequency of a couple's sex life.

The answer to the question, "How do I know if I'm in love?" is "If you feel you're in love, you are." But I've also learned that there are two kinds of love: mature and immature. After a few months, you can always tell the difference.

Mature love is energizing, and immature love is exhausting. In a mature love experience, you are nice to the world; when it's immature, you tend to be cranky and mean.

Loving yourself first improves your ability to love another person.

Even when a couple feels their love is dead, love can come back.

One of the most vulnerable acts of one's life is to fall in love.

Lifelong love is never as simple as "happily ever after."