Dr. Kimberly James, Thomas and Nancy's doctor

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Like most couples expecting a child, Thomas and Nancy visit their physician, Dr. Kimberly James, for regular check-ups and ultrasounds. A previous ultrasound revealed that Thomas and Nancy are expecting a baby girl. At 24 weeks and five days along, Thomas learns that his little girl is perfectly healthy. "This is a miracle," Thomas says. "We see her as our little miracle."

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Although other doctors have turned Thomas and Nancy away, Dr. James made a decision to stick with the family. "In reality, our patients choose us," she says. "Once you meet Thomas and Nancy, you can see that they are very devoted and that they deserve quality medical care just like everybody else."

Dr. James says she was never worried about her reputation. "I hope I'm perceived as someone providing quality care for a patient who's pregnant," she says. "I was never personally worried about my reputation."
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Published on January 01, 2006