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Until now, Thomas and Nancy say people in their community have assumed that Nancy's the one who's pregnant. "People probably just think I'm getting fat," he says. "First it was the holidays and the excuse was, 'Oh, Nancy bought me an ice cream machine, and she's testing it out.'"

Thomas and Nancy revealed their secret to neighbors George and Victoria just before coming to Chicago. Victoria says she was surprised—but not shocked. "Thomas told us that it was he that was pregnant," she says. "So it was more surprise that, 'Well, it's not Nancy? It's Thomas? Wait a minute. I have to get my head around this.'"

George says he had no idea Thomas was pregnant. "I never knew or had any kind of inkling or suspicion that he was a woman in the past," he says. "I thought he was a very sensitive man and gentle, but I thought he was a man." When George was given the big news, he says he had to let it sink in. "Obviously, it's a pretty unusual situation, and it was unusual for me when I found out," he says. "It was kind of sexually dyslexic for me to put it together."

Although George and Victoria are just two people in the community, they believe the other neighbors will learn to accept Thomas and Nancy's unconventional family. "We have a pretty close-knit community," George says. "The neighbors that we know and that we communicate with seem to be understanding."
FROM: First TV Interview: The Pregnant Man
Published on January 01, 2006


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