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Big Bertha came into my life about seven years ago. She is a beautiful, big Australorp hen. She is a house chicken and quite the ruler of the roost.

After getting up from her perch in the garage, she comes around to the sliding glass door and knocks (pecks) several times to come in. I immediately go to the freezer and take out some corn, which I heat in the microwave just so. After I blow on it to make sure it's cool enough, I place it on the floor for Bertha to eat. After her breakfast, she goes into my bedroom and jumps up on the dresser. Here she can spend hours talking to herself in the mirror.

I have many wonderful stories about Bertha—from when she raised day-old chicks from the feed store, to sending me to the emergency hospital for pecking my eyeball, to being a faithful companion to my paralyzed Welsh corgi. When the corgi died, she went into a two-month depression, losing most of her feathers. She is a wonderful pet with a great personality. She's the love of my life along with my husband Larry and labradoodle Nina.

— Jan Bourret of Fresno, California


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