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What Jaki saw was truly horrifying. "[Anastasia] pretty much just snatches my dad's hand off the rail. And as my dad brings his arm back, she just starts taking her fist and just beating him in his chest and in his stomach. I think every place on his body that she could actually strike him, she did."

Though she was distraught, Jaki says she took time to pull herself together before leaving the basement. "I went upstairs, I whispered in my dad's ear that I loved him and that I knew what had taken place and that I wasn't going to ever let that happen to him again," she says.

When Jaki confronted her father's abusive caregiver, she asked for her identification. "Because she had filled out an employment application for me, but I had never gotten a photocopy of an I.D.," Jaki says. "I took that, went, made a copy, came back, and that's when I called the police."

When the police arrived, they watched the tapes and arrested Anastasia. She was charged on multiple counts of second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and vulnerable adult abuse. After posting her $5,000 bail, Anastasia fled the country...just eight days before her trial.

Jaki says her father is now 90 years old and in the critical care unit of a nursing home. "He is stable, but not the man he was," she says. "He has a trach now and a feeding tube and not really able to communicate. But he smiles when he sees me, and that's all I need to see every day."
FROM: How the Gift of Fear Can Save Your Life
Published on January 29, 2008


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