Although the term "nightcap" is a little old fashioned, we all know what it means. But when it's getting late and your date says, "Do you want to come back to my place for a drink?" What does he really mean? Our expert panel offers their take on the rules of attraction.
Expert Advice
E. Jean Carroll, Elle magazine columnist: I want to be perfectly clear here: Any question a guy asks you has to do with sex. "Do you want to come up? ... Have a drink?" He's asking you to take off your clothes and get into bed.

Ceri Marsh, etiquette columnist: This is dating subtext for, "Is tonight the night?" If you're only interested in another drink, stay at the bar.

Kim Izzo, etiquette columnist: With a one night stand, you can't have expectations.

Harriette Cole, syndicated columnist: If it's night time and you're going up to his place, there's a possibility—no, a probability—that he wants to have sex. If you're not sure if you want to, don't go. Kiss him at the door and say, "Bye."


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