Your child's eyes narrow. Her lip trembles. Before you know it, she's in the throes of a supermarket tantrum—and you're powerless to stop the shouting, the kicking, the arms flailing dangerously close to a pyramid of pickle jars. It won't be long till you hear the dreaded crackle of the PA system: Unfit mother in aisle five. Wait—they did say cleanup in aisle five, right?

ABC's Supernanny Jo Frost, author of Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children, is here to help! Grocery shopping with your kids, she says, can be painless—even fun.

Step One: Make a Plan
Let your children know that you'll need their help at the supermarket. Give each child a shopping list and explain that they'll be responsible for choosing groceries and putting them in the cart.

Step Two: Involve Your Children
Allow children help as much as possible, even if it takes a little longer. They'll enjoy choosing the best-looking apples, weighing oranges and putting lettuce in the plastic bag. Engaged in a stimulating activity, their focus won't be on getting mom's attention by acting up.

Step Three: Praise Good Behavior
Be sure to let kids know that their help and good behavior is appreciated. Some supermarkets even have a ready reward: riding the horsey!
FROM: Supernanny Shapes Up Bratty Kids
Published on January 21, 2005


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