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Justine and Joseph "Reverend Run"
Ages 40 and 41, married 11 years
Stars of the MTV reality series Run's House

Trouble in Paradise
"You have to learn to let the other person be right. When arguments get nasty, the one who got the nastiest has to give the most energy to heal the other person's heart. Divorce happens when you hit a stalemate, when you're locking horns. Somebody has to swallow the pride and say, basically, 'I'm wrong.'"

A More Perfect Union
"We go to a marriage class at our church. Everybody shares what they're going through, and you hear how other people deal with things. You get things out in the open that you didn't know you felt, or your husband didn't know you felt."

Run: "One thing we learned is that the more you make love, the closer you feel. You have to break through the feelings of 'We're not happy together, I don't want to make love.' Because if you make love, for some reason it brings you spiritually closer. The arguing will stop and you'll be happier. It's one reason we're calm with each other. ... I know that no matter what my wife is mad about, I can hug her and she is going to respond to my love. If we're having a dark moment, it's a dark moment together, and when we come out of it, we're both standing in the light."


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