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2. What's the plan?
Once you've meditated on what is important to you, you need to make a plan. This will ensure consistency, which is crucial to maintaining authority over your children, and it will help you be a confident mother.

How do you make a plan? Start with this: "Sex, drugs and alcohol will not be a part of my child's life." Now decide how you want to educate him or her about this and enforce it. (This should include holding yourself to the same standard. Your kids are watching you and learning from everything you do.) Define ways in which you will create a nurturing and accepting family system, and provide your kids with a safe environment that encourages them to pursue activities that help them discover their interests (whether you enjoy them or not). Promote a rhythm of life by establishing rules—children need rules! Sit down with your partner and decide what the rules will be and how they will be enforced. Create meaningful family rituals and traditions, even if it just means eating dinner together as a family every night. This will generate togetherness, communication, continuity and bonding—all crucial to a child's development.


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