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She still loves the game, but Martina says she now takes time to put down the racket and enjoy her home in Aspen. "I dreamt about this fabulous place that I would have in the countryside with this big meadow in front and these fabulous mountains in the background. This is almost perfect, you know?" Martina says. "Whenever anything bad happens, I just come out here, and all those problems just don't seem that big. This is as centering as it can get. This is my church out here."

Like Chris, Martina has maintained her killer physique. "The thing about being in Colorado, and particularly in this valley, is that it's easy to be healthy," she says. "Easy to eat well, easy to do exercises inside, outside. It's just heaven on earth, I think."

Martina says she doesn't need expensive equipment to stay in shape—just two dog leashes and the great outdoors.

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Although she's happy with her life now, Martina doesn't regret her past. "I'm thankful for my past because it's brought me to this point and, most of all, thankful to tennis because it gave me a great life."
FROM: Sports Legends Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and Vivian Stringer
Published on December 01, 2008


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