Rabbi Shmuley
Many single women may look at some of their friends' marriages and see miserable relationships and unhappy couples, but just because some couples today aren't making marriage a priority, doesn't mean it's better to stay single for life, Rabbi Shmuley says. He talks about the benefits of marriage:

  • Stability for children. Rabbi Shmuley says children benefit greatly when raised in a two-parent home.
  • You have someone to share life with. From creating a home to sharing responsibilities and experiences, Rabbi Shmuley says marriage offers important lifelong benefits.
  • Longer life expectancy. Rabbi Shmuley says some studies show married people live longer and are happier than single people.
  • Sex life. Married people have a steady and loving sexual partner, and Rabbi Shmuley says that is beneficial for the mind and body.
Today's Shmuleyism
"For many women, the adage that 'marriage is whereby a woman exchanges the attention of many men for the attention of one,' is all too true. And yet, only marriage provides for our two chief human desires, to have a lifelong partner with whom we experience both passion and intimacy, making us feel both completely alive and completely understood."