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The Link to Libido

Some researchers have theorized that a woman's libido is linked to her testosterone level. Because of this, interest has grown in testosterone therapy for women to improve sexual desire. However, there is little scientific data to support the efficacy of testosterone supplementation in boosting sex drive. One major problem is that most published studies have evaluated women whose ovaries were removed and were therefore testosterone-deficient. Other studies have used very high levels (supraphysiologic) of testosterone replacement. Because of this lack of data, there are currently no guidelines for testosterone replacement therapy for women with disorders of desire. There is also no consensus of "normal" or "therapeutic" levels of testosterone supplementation.

Despite the lack of data on the usefulness of testosterone for the boosting of sexual desire, testosterone products and information are out there in force. If one uses the Internet as a research tool to find out about what can be done to jump start sex drive, it would appear that testosterone is a simple answer. But the truth is that sexual desire is complex, and for most women simply popping a pill is not the answer.


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