Rabbi Shmuley
Rabbi Shmuley says the latest revelations that vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant raises a number of important questions for parents: How do you talk with your teenage child about sex? What can you do to help your teen make smart decisions when it comes to sex? Rabbi Shmuley talks about why teens should not engage in sexual activity and how parents can guide their teens to act responsibly by putting their families first.

According to Rabbi Shmuley, teens are not emotionally and psychologically capable of handling the intense feelings that come from sexual activity, which he says should be reserved for adults. "Encouraging your kids to delay having sex is not about just preventing pregnancy and STDsā€”it's about letting them go through the normal stages of life without too much emotional baggage early on," he says.

Teenage girls often feel pressured into sexual activities they are not prepared for, Rabbi Shmuley says. Parents can help their teens resist peer pressure and stay focused on their studies by staying involved in their lives, Rabbi Shmuley says. "Parents need to be interested and heavily involved in what their teens are doing," he says.

Today's Shmuleyism:
"You can be a successful politician or CEO, but if your kids are in crisis, you need to reassess your priorities. Be a hero not only to the boss and to your country, but to your kids."