Rabbi Shmuley
Rabbi Shmuley says he's worried that female celebrities' overt sexuality is sending a message to young girls and teens about what they are expected to be, wear and look like. 

Encourage girls to choose to dress more modestly, Rabbi Shmuley says. It will show young girls that they don't need to show off to get attention, they can be unique and they don't have to wear what everyone else is wearing. "We need to remind our daughters that, first and foremost, they should be appreciated for their minds and hearts, their intelligence and creativity and their unique personalities," he says.

Rabbi Shmuley encourages parents to talk with their daughters about clothes and to come up with guidelines for school clothes and what's age-appropriate. "Tell your daughters that modesty says that you value yourself as a young woman—and that your mind, not your body, is what should take center stage to the outside world," Rabbi Shmuley says.

Today's Shmuleyism:
"Human dignity is reflected in the fact that we dress by concealing our bodies. A young woman who dresses with class and style says to the world that she's not all cover and no book. Sometimes when we dress too revealingly, we send the wrong message—that it's our content, and not our packaging, that really matters."