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After you've explored your body and your sexual response, talk to your partner about your findings. Dr. Berman says to try saying, "'Honey, I learned some new things about my body that I never really knew before and I want to show you." Show him on a chart or look in the mirror together, she says.

Also, it's important to guide your man and show him your sexual response findings in a positive, proactive way and show him what feels good, Dr. Berman says. "It's really good to start the conversation outside of the bedroom," she says. "Don't bring it up for the first time when you're both getting started—bring it up when you're both outside the bedroom where things maybe aren't as tense or as vulnerable or as fragile. For guys, it's really important to give them positive feedback, what you like, and what you want more of, and not what they're doing wrong."
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