Dr. Laura Berman says teens should be taught about pleasure.
According to the sex survey, only 35 percent of mothers teach what Dr. Berman says is one of the most important lessons about sex—pleasure. "We need to teach them about pregnancy prevention and STD prevention, but we also have to teach them about the gift that sexuality is," she says.

This is why Dr. Berman says it's important to have a big talk with your child when she hits high school about masturbation and orgasms. "This is something that's normal and natural, and if you're talking to a girl from a young age about this, it's a natural thing," she says.

Teaching your daughters to take control of their own pleasure can help them avoid unhealthy sexual experiences. "You're teaching them about their own body and pleasuring themselves and taking the reins of their own sexuality so that they don't ever have to depend on any other teenage boy to do it for them," Dr. Berman says.
FROM: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex with Dr. Laura Berman
Published on March 26, 2009


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