Rabbi Shmuley
Rabbi Shmuley says parents should strongly advise their children not to have sex. They should also give them a philosophy of sex that teaches them why it's special and why it's something they shouldn't feel rushed into. Rabbi Shmuley shares some of the key rules he says parents should teach their child about sex:

  • Sex is about intimacy. Tell your child that sex is the principal form in which men and women cease being strangers and become intimate partners in a committed relationship, Rabbi Shmuley says.
  • Sex can't be misused. "The more you cheapen it, the less intimate it becomes later on," Rabbi Shmuley says. "Having sex too soon and too young cheapens the experience."
  • Sex is best experienced in the context of a loving relationship. Sex should never be done out of manipulation or because someone is pressuring the other, Rabbi Shmuley says.
  • Sex can have serious consequences. Rabbi Shmuley says risks include getting pregnant, contracting an STD and intense, overwhelming emotional side effects.
  • If your child is thinking of having sex, he or she should talk to you first. "Make sure to keep it an open, ongoing conversation where they can come to you for advice and questions," he says.
Today's Shmuleyism:
"Sex is humankind's most exhilarating, intimate and meaningful experience. Our kids need to be educated as to its beauty—that it's the primary glue that sews two people together. When it is misused—or worse, abused—its power is diluted and it doesn't work for us later in life."