8 Things You Should Never Say to a Newlywed
Sometimes, what we tell someone and what we mean to tell her get a little muddled. Here are the things most likely to bring out Bridezilla, Round Two.
size zero
"It's so refreshing to see a bride who's not a size zero."
Sure, you mean to make the newlywed feel like a role model—but instead, alas, her mind is ping-ponging through several not-so-flattering thoughts: (a) the bridal boot camp she endured had no effect whatsoever; (b) she shouldn't have bothered skipping every venti java-chip Frappuccino for the past 15 months; and (c) doesn't this person know she's already had a seamstress talk about having to work around her "birthing" hips? It's the kind of comment that's meant to flatter our feminine shapes and, somehow, just makes us obsess over the exact opposite.