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Susan's oldest son didn't just operate the video camera during the verbal and physical assault, he is also heard speaking in support of his father's actions. Over the years, Susan says Ulner brainwashed all three of their children and forced them to participate in her abuse.

On one occasion, Susan says she said something that made her husband so angry that he demanded a family meeting. "He called all the kids in the room … and he made them call me a 'white ho slut' in unison," she says. "He would tell them when to start, and he would tell them to repeat. … In my mind, I was screaming, 'That's not what I am. That's not what I am. How can you do this? How can you have my children do this to me?'"

Susan says she was devastated by her children's actions, but she understands why they did it. "I knew that my children needed to do what they needed to do to survive in that house," she says. "If that meant they needed to side with the power, then that's what they had to do."
FROM: A Suburban Mother's Nightmare Captured on Tape
Published on January 01, 2006


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