Marianne Williamson
Is it possible to get a divorce and maintain a spiritual relationship with your ex? What's the best way to nurture children along the way? Marianne looks for answers with Debbie Ford, author of Spiritual Divorce, who says that the pain of divorce can lead to enormous spiritual growth.

Debbie says you need to have faith that your divorce is part of a grander plan for your life. "We have to believe that there's a bigger plan, we have to believe that there's a God out there—something guiding us—to a place where we don't know where that is," she says.

Over time, Debbie encourages individuals to gradually accept responsibility for the part they played in the divorce. "It's a spiritual process to see all the stories that we bring into each relationship," Debbie says.

Having moved through the pain of her own divorce, Debbie says it's important to look at the positive things that came out of your relationship, such as children, life lessons and spiritual blessings.

"[My husband] Dan and I made a beautiful son together, I learned to co-parent, I learned to accept my weaknesses, my flaws, what I brought to the party, and more importantly, my wounds," Debbie says. "Because it was my emotional wounds that brought about behaviors in Dan that needed to be healed on a deep level."
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