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Live Your Life in a Way That Excites, Motivates and "Turns On" Others to Be at Their Best—and Healthiest
When you start living your life as a totally alive, turned-on woman, an amazing thing happens: Not only does this bring you (as well as your partner, if you have one) an amazing amount of pleasure and happiness, but you also start having a positive effect on everyone else around you. In fact, your joyful outlook becomes positively contagious!

The effect is similar to what happens when you're in a good mood. You've probably often seen how your upbeat mood can put a smile on someone else's face, but the effect I'm talking about here is much deeper and more powerful than just spreading a few smiles.

When you commit to discovering, nurturing, and then living your true passion, it's as if you're stoking a fire in your soul. And you are—a fire fed by nitric oxide! Others then see you not only being confident and comfortable in your own skin, but also celebrating yourself and reaching for joy at every turn. As a result, you will inspire them to do the same. So eventually, they, too, begin making healthier choices that nurture their bodies, minds, and spirits—and on it goes from there!

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