Gayle King
Anybody who has a child in the house can relate to this: When should you talk about the birds and the bees? Gayle welcomes Trish Deitch Rohrer, whose article "Talking Sex with Maud" is featured in the October 2006 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. In it, Trish talks about how she approached "The Talk" with trepidation, but was surprised by her daughter's enthusiasm, openness and honesty.

How do you even begin to broach the subject of sex with your daughter? Is there an age you begin talking to her about it? Gayle and Trish agree that today, parents should be candid with their children from an early age. Trish says she started the conversation by asking her teen daughter casually, "Do you want to talk about sex?"

"I thought she was going to say no, so I came into it with that assumption and was really surprised when she said 'yes,'" Trish says. "I think it was giving her that opening, so I'm not forcing her to talk about it or asking her questions—giving her that space that actually let her come in and ask me questions."
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