Dr. Mehmet Oz
How can you reduce stress, boost your immune system and live longer? Dr. Hilda Hutcherson says all it takes is great sex! Dr. Oz talks to Dr. Hutcherson, an ob-gyn at Columbia University, about some of the most important myths, misconceptions and facts about sex.

All About Sex

  • There are countless health benefits to satisfying sex, Dr. Hutcherson says. For starters, it's an aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart. But make sure the "getting" is good—Dr. Hutcherson says women who have unsatisfying sex may actually increase their risk of heart disease!
  • Despite the many health benefits of satisfying sex, Dr. Hilda says at least 43 percent of women and 33 percent of men are not happy with their sex lives. She says partners need to communicate openly and honestly—especially women.
  • To spice up your sex life, Dr. Hilda recommends couples plan a date night at least once a week. She also recommends taking a trip to an adult store with your partner and testing out different lubricants, toys and massage oils.
  • Many chronic medical problems can affect your sex life and decrease libido, including depression, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. A variety of medications may also reduce libido, including birth control pills. On the flipside, Dr. Hutcherson says sexual expression may aid in the recovery from certain illnesses.
  • Listen up, gentlemen! Dr. Hutcherson reveals the two most important things women want men to know about sex. First, foreplay is extremely important, and the longer a woman is in a relationship, the longer it takes for arousal. Second, a woman's most sensitive spot is not inside the vagina—it's the clitoris. Intercourse is not the most effective way to bring about pleasure and orgasm, but rather clitoral stimulation.
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