"Sleeping with your children or sitting with them 'til they fall asleep is a big no-no," says Jo Frost, ABC's Supernanny and author of Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children.

"Children need to learn to fall asleep by themselves," she continues. "What starts out as a little bit of extra comfort soon turns into a big issue about control. And trust me, your children will put off going to bed just to have you by their side." Try her sleep separation technique so everyone can get a good night's sleep.

Step One: Time for Bed
Take your child to their bedroom. Read a bedtime story, give them "kisses and cuddles" and tuck them in.

Step Two: Tough Love
Sit down on the floor or in a chair parallel to your child's bed so he or she can see the side of your face. As hard as it may be, bow your head and ignore their efforts to talk to you. It is important not to engage your child with eye contact.

Step Three: Stay In Bed
If your child climbs out of bed, return them to bed with no eye contact.

Step Four: Distance Yourself
Each night, move further and further away from the crib or bed. This pattern gives your child a sense of security in their bedroom. Supernanny Jo Frost says children stay up at night to get the attention from their parents that they missed out on during the day. "The key message here is," says Jo, "if you spend time with your child during the day you're not neglecting him by putting this routine in place during the night."
FROM: Supernanny Shapes Up Bratty Kids
Published on January 21, 2005


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