Marianne Williamson
How do you attract the mate you desire and keep them and yourself happy?

Marianne is joined by marriage and family therapist, Dr. Pat Allen, to share advice that she says opened her eyes to the truth about romantic relationships.

According to Dr. Allen, the success of a romantic relationship rests on two principles:

  1. A man's greatest psychic craving is that his thoughts be respected.
  2. A woman's greatest psychic craving is to have her feelings cherished.
Based on these underlying desires, Dr. Allen spells out some of the ways couples can achieve a lasting romantic relationship:

  • Show respect for your man's thought processes, don't coddle his emotions. Don't ask, "How do you feel?" but rather "What do you think?"
  • The key to being loved by a man is not what you achieve or do, but in who you are inside.
  • A woman is most powerful and most attractive when she exudes her feminine energy.
  • Husbands and wives each have within them both masculine and feminine energies that need to be balanced, complementary and noncompetitive.
  • Focus on complementary energy rather than competitive energy. Competitive energy diminishes intimacy.
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