Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
In today's culture of electronic communication and easy access to airplanes, Rabbi Shmuley says it's fairly simple to maintain a long-distance romance—at least for a little while. While distance can make the heart grow fonder, Rabbi Shmuley says there are five rules every couple in a long-distance romance should follow if they want their love to thrive.
The Five Rules of Long-Distance Relationships:

  • See each other frequently. "Do not let more than two weeks go by without seeing each other," Rabbi Shmuley says. "Certainly not a month."

  • Talk on the phone everyday. Have a set time when you call each other, Rabbi Shmuley says. "That way, you build your partner into your life and schedule."
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  • Don't overdo the phone calls. "Better to speak everyday for half an hour than twice a week for two hours," he says. "If you overdo the phone calls, you are left with not enough to discover and uncover about each other once you actually meet."

  • Make your reunion special. Plan a special dinner or buy a special gift when you reunite, Rabbi Shmuley says. "You just need to show you've been pinning for them, you've been longing for them, you've been lusting for them," he says.

  • Decide who will give up their job and move. If the relationship gets serious, Rabbi Shmuley says marriage needs to take place and someone has to leave their job and move closer to the other. "Long-distance relationships all work provided that there is someone who is prepared to move after you marry," he says. "It's wrong to ask someone to move and give up a job with out any real commitment."

Today's Shmuleyism
"Better to marry the right person in the wrong place than the wrong person in the right place. And, better to marry the right person at the wrong time than the wrong person at the right time."