Dr. Robin Smith
Recently, Dr. Robin has gotten calls from many friends from days gone by. She says without these friends, she would not be where she is today. "The heart of the matter is this: Friendship is essential," Dr. Robin says. "It really is as important as the air you and I breathe."

In her past, Dr. Robin says she has gone through tough times and dark days. During one particular time, a friend called and said she was coming to town and wanted to visit. Dr. Robin says that friend stayed with her for two days and brought her life back into focus. "I remember sitting at my kitchen table with her and it was as if she hooked me up to a medical IV," Dr. Robin says. "There was a drip of power and love as she fed me physically, emotionally, spiritually. She just kept speaking life into my body."

Do you have good, trustworthy friends you can turn to in times of sorrow or joy? Dr. Robin says the way to find good friends is by being a good friend. "Become the human being who will draw trustworthy and honorable and good people in your life, so you are not standing alone in a joyful moment or in a moment of tragedy or trial," she says. "We need the camaraderie, the security. We need the impact solid friendships have in your life and mine."
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