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Years ago on a crisp Autumn day I step outside our apartment to see one of the neighbor's cats standing in front of me with what looked like a mouse. When I took a closer look, to my surprise it was not a mouse but a tiny kitten about 3 weeks old. We already had two cats at that time, so we said right away that we couldn't keep her.

For the next month, we looked to find her a good home. Because she was so small, we had to keep her in our bathroom when we weren't home so that the other cats wouldn't hurt her. As we searched to find her a good home, we grew more attached to her and finally decided to keep her. It took awhile for our cats to accept her, but after several months she became part of the crew.

It's now nine years later and little Isabella and our two male cats Whiskey and Maynerd are still with us, along with our dog Smokey (who she's good friends with). She's about half the size of our other cats, meows like a kitten and is a total lap cat. We are grateful that we made the decision to keep her as she has been a wonderful addition to our family!

— Dianne, project management director


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